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Why Choose an Electric Bike?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve your fitness (you will tend to cycle more with an electric bike)
  • Reduce your transport costs
  • A form of motorised transport with no additional fees and paperwork
  • Arrive at your destination fresh
  • Quick city travel
  • Cycling is far less limited by age or fitness
  • Your driving licence is safeguarded


What design of E-Bike should I choose?


The first consideration is what design.

What is the trend? E-Bikes started with big batteries on the cross bar or down the seat post. Today we see more batteries hidden on the rear racks, and the very latest hidden inside the frame and not visible.

The motors also started on the front wheel - over time they moved to the back wheel and then “crank drive” which proclaims to be so powerful yet loses energy down the drive train and looks so ugly on a cycle. Now the latest Sine wave motors are hidden on the back wheel behind the sprocket and produce more direct power.

So, in the coming years the market will produce E-Bikes that look like normal cycles, which will drive second hand prices up on the new style frames. Also, cross bar bikes are out of fashion to the new Unisex Step through design which make the future value of your E Bike higher if you have a “Step thru.”


8 reasons why you should buy an electric bike from Atman:-

  1. We specialise in electric bikes and have a long outstanding history for service and value, established in 1999
  2. Free bike demonstrations and test rides. We sell new and used E Bikes (PX available)
  3. Free first service and a hassle-free ongoing maintenance service at an unbeatable price (we also service normal cycles) and local warranty repairs

  4. Free local delivery
  5. 0% Finance available and in-shop discounts to the RRP prices
  6. We only sell high quality e-Bikes such as Wisper, EMU, Byocycles, Powerbyke, Geobyke, Roodog and Cube
  7. Assistance to purchase tax-exempt through Cyclesheme, Bike4NHS, Bike2Work
  8. We are a Bosch approved battery and motor repair workshop and supply  other E Bike shops with technical support and spares




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